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For more context about the rationale for how the articles were generated, see the author’s profile (Dr. Michael JR Butler).


Download FREE PDF versions of The TRANSFORMATION Articles below.

Related Articles

Download FREE PDF versions of related articles below which focus on the new change management (integrating operations and HR management), the skills strategy and innovation in policy processes.


Below are the details of the books published by the Project Lead.

The CIPD Organisational Behaviour Text Book has case study material drawn directly from The TRANSFORMATION Project. Each chapter starts with a case study related to its content and has an interview with the senior manager involved in the case uploaded on the web site of the book. The book has the rare distinction of being well reviewed by both academics and practitioners.

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  • Butler, M.J.R. and Rose, E. (eds) (2011), Introducing Organisational Behaviour, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), London.

The Project Lead has worked with the CIPD on strategic change issues since 2008.

  • Aston Centre for Human Resources (ed) (2008), Strategic Human Resource Management: Building Research-Based Practice, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), London.